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🌲 540 trees planted. We are proud to have a partnership with One Tree Planted

Support your beard and nature.

Hinterlands beard oil and balms are inspired by nature, support nature and offer the best combination of oils for your skin and beard.

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Nordic Mist Beard Oil - HinterlandsThis Product Plants One tree

Planting a forest, one tree at a time.

There’s something special about the natural and vastly different landscapes we have on offer across the world. Our favourite places to explore are areas remote from cities and towns. These areas are known as the Hinterlands.
It’s a shame that the planet has to suffer, be it from deforestation or natural disasters. These issues have a huge impact on our planet and everything that calls it home.
With all this in mind we wanted to do something to give back to nature and since day one we have planted a tree for every product sold.

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What are the benefits of using beard oil & balm.

Do you suffer from sharp scratchy stubble? An itchy and flakey beard thats out of shape? Does this make you give up on growing a beard?
By adding beard oil and balm to your daily routine enrich your beard and skin creating a healthy beard that is soft, no longer itchy, flake free and grows to its full potential.
Our beard oils act as a conditioner that moisturises and softens beard hair while also being an effective moisturising agent for the skin beneath your beard.
Our balm applies further conditioning to your beard with the added benefit of applying hold to your beard allowing you to style it and keep it in shape. Set your beard free!

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β†ŸΒ  one tree planted for every product soldΒ  β†Ÿ

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What goes into Hinterlands beard oils and balms.

Natural oils provide the best benefits for your skin. We only use 100% natural carrier and essential oils. For our balms we also add sheat butter and bees wax.
We don’t use any artificial fragrances at Hinterlands, ensuring everything going into our bottles are 100% natural and 100% focused on benefiting your beard and your skin.

Our carefully chosen carrier oils provide the best care for your beard and are complimented by the additional benefits and aromas of our essential oils.

Our beard oils and balms are handcrafted in small batches.

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How Hinterlands came to be.

As a lover of nature and landscape photography, Josh designed the brand around his love for the outdoors. The logo was designed to represent beards, oil and nature combined.

Living and working in London Josh is always longing for another photography trip in nature. He created a range of scents that smell of the great outdoors, helping to fill that void between trips, whilst also providing his beard with the benefits of the best combination of all natural carrier and essential oils.

Alongside this, he wanted to give back to nature, which is why we plant a tree for every product sold.

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Natural ingredients
No animal testing ever
Healthy beards all round