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The benefits of beard oil and balm

Beard oils and balms provide many benefits for your skin and beard

What is beard oil?

Adding beard oil to your daily routine ensures you have a healthy beard that is soft, itch free and grows to its full potential.

The oil acts as a conditioner that moisturises and softens beard hair while also being an effective moisturising agent for the skin beneath your beard.There are many benefits to using beard oil which are covered further down, as well as how to best incorporate it into your daily ritual.

Hinterlands beard oil is made up of all natural carrier and essential oils. We use three carrier oils which were meticulously sourced, tested and balanced with one another to provide the best benefits to your beard hair and most importantly your skin beneath.

Our essential oils are all natural too, providing many varying benefits. You will find no manmade fragrance oils here (which provide no benefits to your beard or skin).

What is beard balm?

Beard balm has two main benefits. It conditions your facial hair and helps to control and style it. It is designed to help hydrate and soften your beard.

Our beard balms contains the natural ingredient shea butter, which is a great conditioner for your beard and the skin under it. The other main ingredient is beeswax and this is used to provide a strong natural hold allowing you to style your beard and moustache.

Finally, the other main ingredients found in a beard balm are that found in beard oil. All our beard balms contain the exact same ingredients and amounts as found in each bottle of beard oil.

Why should I use both together?

Using both beard oil and balm together offers the best all round benefits for your beard.

Beard oil and balm serve different purposes while aiding each other. Beard oil is used as a light leave in conditioner and skin moisutirser and is great for beard strength and growth. Using beard oil daily as part of your morning and evening routine will have a huge positive impact on your beard and its growth. Beard oil stops dry skin and itchy beards, which is the biggest issue preventing most people growing a beard.

Beard balm on the other hand has some added ingredients, shea butter and beeswax. Shea butter adds an extra boost in the conditioning department and the beeswax provides hold, so you can style your beard and tame fly away hairs.

The many benefits of beard oil and balms

A few drops can make a big difference

No more itchy beard

Many give up when the dreaded beard itch begins early on. This is because your skin is drying out and the hairs are more coarse. Using beard oil will make this problem go away.

No more patchy beard

Many give up growing a beard because they think it is patchy. However, by being able to commit properly thanks to beard oil it can eventually fill out all over as you can commit more time to its growth.

No more beardruff

The skin beneath your beard is far more sensitive and prone to dandruff than the skin beneath your hair. This is why it’s vital you provide your skin with moisturisation when growing a beard.

No more unruly beards

Beards can get out of control, fast! A good routine using beard oil and a balm can go a long way towards taming that beard. Balm also helps to style and hold your beard in place.

Nourished and healthy skin

Beard oil doesn’t interfere with sebum production and doesn’t clog pores, instead it helps cleanse and nourish skin prone to breakouts. A few drops go a long way to keeping skin hydrated.

It’s a natural cologne

Hinterlands beard oils and balms use natural essential oils because of how much they benefit your skin, but they are also full of lovely natural aromas that act as a natural cologne.

How much beard oil and balm should I use?

A little goes a long way, so it’s important to not use too much


2 - 3 drops of oil
Pea sized amount of balm


4 - 6 drops of oil
1-2 pea sized amounts of balm


6 - 8 drops of oil
3-4 pea sized amounts of balm


9 -10+ drops of oil
As much as required

How should I be using beard oil?

A little goes a long way, a 30ml bottle can last around 3-6 months.

We recommend using beard oil at least once every day as part of your routine. It is best to use when the beard is damp, but mostly dry, after your morning shower.

Rub a number of drops into your palms and through your beard, down to skin beneath it. Then you can style your beard as you wish, with a brush or comb for example. For longer beards this is highly recommended to help distribute the oils through it.

You will see start seeing results very soon, stopping any itchiness and beardruff as well as softening the hair itself making it less irritating to you and your loved ones! I recommend using the beard oil before bed too initially to help speed up the benefits of the beard oil to your skin.

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How should I be using beard balm?

Depending on the length of your beard scoop out the amount needed (see above) and rub it into your palms until the product feels warm and melted. 

Apply through your beard and style it into your desired shape. We also recommend using a beard comb to ensure your beard looks it’s best!

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