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Hinterlands story

Why and how Hinterlands came to be.

Back in 2014

I’m Josh, founder of Hinterlands. This photo shows my very patchy and lacking beard around 8 years ago. I could never get past that patchy, itchy stubbly stage and would often shave it off out of frustration. I’d tried a few times to properly grow it out, but had always given up; like many, due to the itchiness and awkward phase getting the better of me.

However, one day I decided to grow it out again and this time I was determined!

I began to take it more seriously, researching to see if there was anything out there that could help the beard growing process and get me past the initial tricky stages.

Why not make my own?

After lots of research and trialling out the limited beard brands available at the time, I decided I wanted to make my own beard oil, using oils which were natural and contained the best benefits for my skin and beard. I was also working in London at the time and longed for more adventures in nature, so I decided I wanted to focus on creating scents smelling of the great outdoors.

At the end of my research I finally settled on my favourite carrier oils, essential oils and the percentages of each that would go into each and every bottle. Some oils are naturally thicker than others and need to be carefully blended with lighter ones to unlock their full benefits. After months of trials and tests, I finally had my recipe.

Voila! It worked!

I had created my first 3 beard oils, the same ones you see today: Explorer, Early Riser and Nordic Mist, all reminding me of the different aromas of nature that I loved.

Pictured are my older original label designs.

My beard quickly began to stop itching and the hair softened. With these main hurdles out of the way I just had to commit to growing it out. All beards will go through an awkward phase; mine did, but with my new found determination I managed to finally grow a full on beard.

Now that I had my first 3 oils all sorted, I wanted to share them and handed a few bottles out to friends and family (those growing beards of course, my mum wasn’t best pleased!) to trial. Everyone was happy with the oils and their results!

Finally starting up Hinterlands

For 7 years I exclusively made and used my own beard oil, selling bottles to friends, family and colleagues too.

However I’d always wanted to share my oils with more people and launch a business. I just never found the spare time outside of work to commit to creating a business, that is until we were all stuck indoors due to the lockdown of 2020.

At the start of 2020 I was talking to friends down the pub. I have a good friend who was starting up her own business around then and talking about it got me reminiscing of how I once had plans to sell my beard oil online. I thought it was about time I looked into this again and then all of a sudden we found ourselves stuck at home pretty much 24/7. You don’t get more extra time than that!

Armed with this new found time to fill on weeknights and weekends I decided to spend some it creating Hinterlands.

The Hinterlands ethos

What drives everything behind Hinterlands


It’s important to reconnect. Getting out of the city and smelling fresh forest air was the driving force behind Hinterlands 


A strong love of nature and the beauty of our world. Time spent outdoors in the wild has a huge positive impact.


Since day one we’ve wanted to help towards sustaining our planet and everything that calls it home

The three pillars

What does the Hinterlands brand represent


More about the Founder

By day I work as a designer, focusing on branding, web and product design. But at my heart I am a lover of the outdoors and being in nature. I love travelling around the world and often plan trips with Landscape Photography in mind. 

My favourite word is Hinterlands. It means a remote area of nature, lying beyond what is visible or known. I even named my landscape photography account on Instagram The Hinterlander

There’s something special about the natural and vastly different landscapes we have on offer across the world. Given my love for nature, I wanted to theme my beard oil business and the scents I create around it. 

We are proud to have a partnership with One Tree Planted and since our very first sale we have planted one tree for every product sold in areas affected by severe deforestation around the world.


Some of my landscape photography

View more on instagram @the_hinterlander

Natural ingredients
No animal testing ever
Healthy beards all round