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The Hinterlands story

How and why Hinterlands is making a positive impact on the environment

Back in 2014

Hello, I'm Josh, the founder of Hinterlands. In this photo, taken around nine years ago, you can see my patchy and lacking beard. I used to struggle with getting past the patchy, itchy stubble stage and often ended up shaving it off out of frustration. I attempted to grow it out a few times before, but the itchiness and awkward phase always got the better of me, causing me to give up.

However, one day, I decided to try growing my beard again, and this time I was determined to make it work.

I began to take the process more seriously and started researching to see if there was anything out there that could help me overcome the initial tricky stages of beard growth.

Why not make my own?

Around nine years ago, there were limited options for beard oil brands. As a man trying to grow a beard, I was frustrated with the lack of quality products that were available. I decided to do some research and trial out the brands that were available at the time, but nothing seemed to fit the bill.

After months of frustration, I decided to create my own beard oil. I knew I wanted to use natural oils and ingredients that would provide the best benefits for my skin and beard. Being someone who loves the outdoors, I also wanted to incorporate scents that would remind me of my adventures in nature.

I spent countless hours researching and experimenting with various carrier oils and essential oils to come up with the perfect blend. Some oils were naturally thicker than others and needed to be carefully blended with lighter ones to unlock their full benefits.

After months of trials and tests, I finally had my recipe.

Voila! It worked!

When I first created my first three beard oils, Explorer, Early Riser and Nordic Mist, I was inspired by the different natural aromas that I loved. These three oils are the same ones that you see today, and were created to help soothe my itchy beard and soften my hair.

Pictured are my older original label designs.

As I continued to use these oils, I found that they helped to solve the main issues that many people face when growing out their beards. With the itchiness and hair texture under control, I was able to commit to growing out my beard, despite the inevitable awkward phase that every beard goes through.

Once I had successfully grown my beard, I wanted to share my oils with others. I handed out a few bottles to friends and family, with the caveat that they had to be growing a beard, of course! Everyone who tried the oils was happy with the results, and I knew that I had created something truly special.

Finally starting up Hinterlands

For 7 years, I exclusively made and used my own beard oil, selling bottles to friends, family, and colleagues. However, I always wanted to share my oils with more people and launch a business. Unfortunately, I never found the spare time outside of work to commit to creating a business. That is, until we were all stuck indoors due to the lockdown of 2020.

At the start of 2020, while talking to friends down the pub, I was reminded of my desire to sell my beard oil online. With all the extra time we found ourselves with due to lockdown, I decided to finally pursue my dream of launching a business.

Armed with this newfound time on weeknights and weekends, I began creating Hinterlands. It was a labor of love that allowed me to share my passion for beard care with the world. As a result, Hinterlands is dedicated to creating high-quality beard oils that help men everywhere look and feel their best.

At Hinterlands, we understand that a good beard takes time and effort to maintain. That's why we strive to create products that are easy to use and provide real results. Our unique blend of natural ingredients ensures that your beard remains healthy, soft, and shiny.

In conclusion, starting Hinterlands was a dream come true, and I am excited to share my passion for beard care with the world. If you're looking for a high-quality, all-natural beard oil, look no further than Hinterlands. Try it for yourself, and see the difference it can make for your beard.

The Hinterlands ethos

What drives everything behind Hinterlands


It’s important to reconnect. Getting out of the city and smelling fresh forest air was the driving force behind Hinterlands 


A strong love of nature and the beauty of our world. Time spent outdoors in the wild has a huge positive impact.


Since day one we’ve wanted to help towards sustaining our planet and everything that calls it home

The three pillars

What does the Hinterlands brand represent


More about the Founder

As a designer, I spend my days focused on branding, web design, and product design. However, my true passion lies in exploring the great outdoors and immersing myself in nature. I enjoy traveling the world and planning trips with landscape photography in mind. In fact, my favourite word is Hinterlands, which describes remote areas of nature beyond what is known or visible. This love for nature inspired me to name my landscape photography Instagram account The Hinterlander.

The diverse and breathtaking landscapes found across the world hold a special place in my heart. With this passion for nature in mind, I decided to theme my beard oil business and the scents I create around it. I am proud to say that we have a partnership with One Tree Planted, and from our very first sale, we have committed to planting one tree for every product sold in areas that have been severely affected by deforestation around the world.

Overall, my work and personal interests are united by a love for nature and a desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Hinterlands.

Some of my landscape photography

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Natural ingredients
No animal testing ever
Healthy beards all round