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Explorer - Beard Oil

Made to roam. Escape to the hinterlands

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£15 - 30ml

Explorer helps you escape to the hinterlands thanks to aromas created by Bergamot, Patchouli and Sandalwood Amyris essential oils.


Essential Oils (Aroma): Bergamot, Patchouli, Sandlewood Amyris
Carrier Oils: Sweet Almond, Apricot Oil, Castor Oil
Learn about the benefits of each oil.

🌲 One Tree Planted:

For every Hinterlands Beard Oil bottle sold, a tree will be planted in an area affected by severe deforestation. Together we can revitalise ecosystems and empower local communities. Learn more

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Explorer Reviews

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Imogen  28 Oct, 2020
    

I purchased Explorer Beard Oil for my boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. The order was dispatched almost instantly which was a real relief (as my forward planning is poor at best). Fairly convinced he's bushier since he has started using it too. He says he loves the smell and will be purchasing more in due course :).

Cecilia  13 Oct, 2020
    

Fantastic service. I was buying a last minute gift for my boyfriend and the owner kindly dispatched it next day without extra charges. Thank you!

Paul  5 Sep, 2020
    

Another stunning oil from Hinterlands. Have been using this exclusively for nearly a week and love the smell. My beard feels so much better from using their products and I'm getting compliments daily about it

Mark  26 Aug, 2020
    

I've been using this for around a month now. I struggled with dry and itchy skin under my beard due to my Aesop moisturiser not reaching the skin. Other oils have always been too viscous and acted more like a skin serum. This is perfect and hits the nail on the head.

Carlos  11 Aug, 2020
    

Great scent and oil. Need to shake the bottle to get the full scent.

David  26 Jul, 2020
    

Very fast dispatch and delivery! I bought the Explorer beard oil and is top notch, the texture is great and not greasy and it keeps my beard very smooth. The scent is incredible and it lingers for ages. I can't recommend it highly enough and will definitely buy it again when it runs out. Great comms with the seller too. 5* product and service.

Nicky  20 Jul, 2020
    

This is a great product! During lock down my fiancé beard has grown a lot. I got him this as a present. He loved the smell and he would get it again 👍

Abbas Asaria  10 June, 2020
    

I've had a beard for four years, and have tried a number of different oils and other grooming products. I have to say that the Hinterlands beard oil products are by far the best product I've used on my beard - not only in terms of smell (Explorer is my favourite), but also in terms of keeping my beard shiny and healthy looking, and keeping the skin underneath moisturised so that I never feel itchy with it. 100% recommend to anyone either with a beard, or who is trying to grow one and get past the itchy, stubbly stage.

Xavier  8 June, 2020
    

Fantastic Product! Dispatched and delivered really quickly and I'm loving the sweet essence of this oil. The texture is just right and not greasy plus it smells great and very refreshing! Much better than any other beard oil I've tried. I love the branding and I'd definitely recommend this - if you have a beard, you must get this oil!

Zula Rabikowska  28 May, 2020
    

I bought this beard oil for my boyfriend for his birthday and it's incredible. It's the best smelling beard oil I have ever come across!

Matthew Kenny  18 May, 2020
    

Really great stuff. I’ve been using various beard oils for years but have found this one keeps my beard softer and skin hydrated for much longer throughout the day than mainstream brands, which can sometimes leave it feeling almost brush-like in texture. Lovely scent too and the pipette is very helpful for dispensing.

Laura Mckibben's Partner  17 May, 2020
    

Cracking Beard Oil! My first impressions were: “it’s a lot thicker than the other oils I’ve used, you can still smell it even in the evening and my beard is incredibly soft”. I settled on needing 5 drops as I have a short-medium curly course beard but 5 drops is the equivalent of 7-8 of other brands like: Percy Nobleman, Brisk, Fatface, Hundred Beard Company.

The smell is fantastic, the quality is far greater, it is on the upper end of pricing at £15.00 + £3 shipping but it’s definitely worth it - the extra fiver means you’ll be balancing out what you’d have to use more of on another beard oil at around £10.

All in all it’s absolutely fantastic, when you read the articles that say “Beard oil conditions and styles your beard” this is the kind and quality of beard oil they mean. Won't use the gf's etsy account for next purchase!

Chris Coombes  11 May, 2020
    

Loving this beard oil! I bought the Explorer and really impressed with the oil. It smells amazing and really refined, I even received a complement from my wife on the smell. Easy to apply, no chemicals and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. I’d highly recommend it, and look forward to trying them all.

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Additional Information

📦  Dispatch

We aim to dispatch the same day you order. Most bottles will arrive (within the UK) in 2-3 days and up to 2 weeks outside of the UK.

🇬🇧  Made in the UK

Hinterlands Beard Oil is handcrafted in small batches in the UK.

🥜  Nut allergies?

Please let us know if you are allergic to tree nuts. We’d be more than happy to make a custom mixture of any of our recipes with a fitting substitute for Sweet Almond Oil.

The benefits of beard oil

There are many benefits to using Beard oil as a part of your daily routine - as well as stopping the dreaded beard itch, it keeps your beard in control and your skin healthy underneath.

We have written a detailed blog post on the benefits of beard oil.
Learn More


Use daily after washing your face in the morning. Apply to a dry/damp beard but not wet. Drop 2 to 5 drops or more of beard oil into palm. The longer the beard the more drops. Rub the oil between palms and then massage into the beard. You want to get to the roots and your skin beneath your beard to moisturise your skin to stop the beard itch.

our bottles

Each beard oil is housed in a 30ml amber glass bottle with a pipette dropper lid.

Amber glass protects the oils from UV rays, helping your beard oil to remain at its full effectiveness. With other types of glass e.g. clear or blue bottles, UV light can penetrate through the glass. This breaks down the oils and renders them less and less beneficial for your beard and skin as time goes on. This is important as a 30ml bottle of beard oil can typically last 3-6 months.

The pipette dropper lid gives you complete control over the amount of oil you wish to use.

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We are proud to have a partnership with One Tree Planted. For every Hinterlands Beard Oil bottle sold, a tree will be planted in an area affected by severe deforestation. Together we can revitalise ecosystems and empower local communities.

learn more
Natural and safe ingredients
No animal testing ever
One tree planted for each bottle sold
Happy, healthy beards all round

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