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They reviewed Explorer, Nordic Mist, Early Riser and our partnership with One Tree Planted

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Hinterlands Beard Oil have burst onto the beard scene and are trying to create a lasting impression on the industry. They have aligned themselves with OneTreePlanted who will plant 1 tree for EVERY oil bought. This is a scheme which no ones else is doing and it's another amazing idea being brought forward by a potential pioneer.

The scents themselves are all mainly earthy and deep as the forest is the go to theme for the company. We had the pleasure of trialling Explorer, Early Riser and Nordic Mist. Whilst trying to keep with the earthy theme they also stand out as strong independent scents with no similarities to each other and this itself can be a challenge.

Nordic Mist is the lightest of the three using Juniper berry as its active aroma followed with pine needle to keep it grounded. Its fresh and light but with enough kick to let you know it's there.

Explorer is your traditional earth scent using Bergamot, Sandalwood and Patchouli as its active aroma. Combining these gives you a great earthy tone with a deep and almost aftershave type scent lingering through.

The final scent is Early Riser and that is pretty potent. Its aromas are Petitgrain and Grapefruit which gives it a real sharp and powerful scent. Using this in the morning will definitely make you up pretty quickly however for me the punch was a little too much.

All oils have Castor, Apricot and Sweet Almond within its base which is great for thick beards but they help but adding a new depth into the oils.

Overall the scents are really nice but Early Riser is not for me. Nordic Mist and Explorer are two scents which I can get behind as they have great earthy and deep tones.

Hinterlands are a company worth exploring and checking out. The scents have a great twist on a traditional style and I suggest you buy at least 1 oil just to be able to get behind their One Tree Planted scheme and help them do something amazing.

We are proud to have a partnership with One Tree Planted. For every Hinterlands Beard Oil bottle sold, a tree will be planted in an area affected by severe deforestation. Together we can revitalise ecosystems and empower local communities.

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Natural and safe ingredients
No animal testing ever
One tree planted for each bottle sold
Happy, healthy beards all round

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