🌲  155 trees planted so far. We are proud to have a partnership with OneTreePlanted

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Learn about the benefits of using beard oil, read the latest reviews, learn about our partnership with one tree planted and much more

Learn more about why we plant a tree for every Hinterlands Beard Oil bottle sold

We are proud to have partnered up with OneTreePlanted and for each bottle sold you will be planting a tree in areas affected by severe deforestation, revitalising ecosystems and empowering local communities.

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The Bearded Brit reviews Nordic Mist

Read up on why Tony at The Bearded Brit rated Nordic Mist 9.4 / 10 - One of his highest scoring reviews.  “Nordic Mist is by far the best oil I have tried this year. Josh is extremely passionate about his brand and you can tell by the quality of his oils. His labels are stunning and really connect with his brand identity.”  - The Bearded Brit

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The Story behind Hinterlands Beard Oil, how it came to be and what it stands for

How did Hinterlands come to be? If you wish to learn more about why I started this company and what it stands for as well as my research on oils, amber glass bottles, pipette lids and my design/branding process you can read it all (with photos) here.

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Rusty Reviews Nordic Mist, Nordic Jul & talks about our partnership with One Tree Planted

“Hinterlands & One Tree Planted. Not one to be missed. This is not only a review but also talks about a great project many of you may not be aware of.” - Rusty Reviews

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Why and how should I use beard oil?

There are many benefits to using beard oil as a part of your daily routine. Such as stopping the dreaded beard itch, keeping your beard soft and in control whilst keeping your skin healthy underneath.

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The Bearded Brit reviews Serenity

“Another amazing scent from Hinterlands Beard Oil. Josh just seems to be able to find the perfect balance of oils to create the most wonderful fragrances. Of course, I haven’t tried all of his oils but I’m sure I will be and soon!!” - The Bearded Brit

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What goes into Hinterlands Beard Oil?
Only the finest natural ingredients, no fake fragrances here.

At Hinterlands Beard Oil we do everything we can to provide your beard and skin with the maximum health benefits. From sourcing organic ingredients, to protecting your beard oil from harmful UV rays.

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Bearded Bear Reviews review Explorer, Early Riser & Nordic Mist

"Hinterlands are a company worth exploring and checking out. The scents have a great twist on a traditional style and I suggest you buy at least 1 oil just to be able to get behind their One Tree Planted scheme and help them do something amazing."  -  Bearded Bear Reviews

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We are proud to have a partnership with One Tree Planted. For every Hinterlands Beard Oil bottle sold, a tree will be planted in an area affected by severe deforestation. Together we can revitalise ecosystems and empower local communities.

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Natural and safe ingredients
No animal testing ever
One tree planted for each bottle sold
Happy, healthy beards all round

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